Massage therapy for pregnancy is well known for relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief. However, it can also provide reduced swelling, improved sleep and aid in hormone regulation, all important both while pregnant and in the postpartum period.

During pregnancy, prenatal massage therapy can help your body cope with the physiological changes associated with growing a baby. Massage can help to reduce aches and pains throughout the body. It can reduce stress and anxiety, promote improved circulation thus improving oxygen delivery to tissues.
Once a child is born, there are new challenges to experience. Regular massage therapy treatments postpartum can assist in a more rapid recovery, from both a natural and cesarean birth as well as issues related to breastfeeding.

Many like to leave their child (or children) at home and take a break. If that is not an option for you, you are welcome to bring your pre-crawling infant to lie with you on the table during treatment.


(I recommend booking a 60 minute appointment)