Babies are small, but there is SO much to know about them, that’s why I break down my infant massage classes into 3 workshops:

  1. Introduction to Massage for babies: Promoting relaxation and encouraging bonding are the goals of this first class. You will also get to know why we massage babies, when and when not to massage your baby, as well as what types of oil are safe to use on Baby’s skin.
  2. Colic and Digestion: What is Colic? Why do we only massage a baby’s tummy in ONE direction? What could be contributing to my babies gas or constipation? These questions can mostly be answered in our second workshop of the series.
  3. Congestion and Teething: We can’t give our baby any medications, find out how to make them more comfortable when they have a cold or congestion. Are you dealing with a teething a baby? What’s safe to use? What’s not? We cover that and more in this third class.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next group infant massage classes.

You can book a private infant massage instruction session here.